Swift Acclivity - The Premier Business and IT Consulting Firm

Software Development

The software we develop for our clients is customized to suit their business needs and solve their problems. We follow a roadmap that helps us work with you to understand your business and develop the solution that you are looking for, regardless of how involved or complex your project is.

Understanding Your Business

Our analysts, designers and software engineers come from various business backgrounds and have expertise that fits almost any industry at all. Chances are, we already understand your industry, but every business, within an industry, has its own model and way of doing business. So we sit with you to discuss your business and undertand it. We define your requirements and research your competitors and users and liaise with your product owner to come up with a design that will please your users.

Development, Testing and Delivery

Just as our development teams have varied business backgrounds, their technical expertise is deep and wide. No matter what your IT environment is, we are likely to have the experience that fits it. The code that we develop will be available to your own technology team while it is being developed. When finished we test the system extensively with your team to ensure it meets with your satisfaction. Once you are satisfied with the testing results, we transfer full ownership of the product to your local team.

Service and Maintenance

Our relationship with you does not end with product delivery. We will always be on call whenever you need support to maintain your system. Our Technical Support team will be availabe to you around the clock to make sure your system is running smoothly and without a hitch.